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It’s the Season of Beauty Shows in Las Vegas!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Learn At Belia & Gain Expertise In Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, & Oncology Aesthetics Under 2 Days!

You and I work in a fast-paced beauty and spa industry.

And in this profession of ours…

If You’re Not Constantly Updating Your Knowledge And Job Skills - You’re Leaving Too Much On the Table!

With the recent coronavirus, disappearing jobs, economic challenges, and greater competition than ever, you’re probably struggling to keep your beauty business afloat.

I perfectly understand your struggles.

Or maybe you haven’t even started.

Perhaps you’re one of the new lockdown-born beauty businesses set to create thousands of jobs in our industry. It really doesn’t matter how much you already know or how successful you’ve been in this industry or another one. There’s no better time than now to…

Learn New Skills, Broaden Your Knowledge Base & Enhance Your Business Performance.

This is where we come in at Belia Las Vegas!

In the spirit of the upcoming beauty convention in Las Vegas (the International Beauty Show and International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference (IECSC), and Cosmoprof North America events, among others), we’ll be offering three of our most in-demand courses for beauty and spa professionals, self-employed aesthetician, aspiring entrepreneurs in this sector, and other participants interested in learning these highly valuable skills.

To succeed in this highly competitive sector, you have to always keep your business goals in sight while also keeping your skills and services up to date. And to achieve your business goals, you need to;

Equip Yourself With The Right Skills And Knowledge You Need To Win The Hearts Of Your Clients.

Conventions and conferences are always a great idea. And the upcoming beauty convention is not to be missed if you’re interested in growing your business.

If this sounds like you (and it should), renowned beauty and spa entrepreneur Lia Yulianti and her entire team at Belia Las Vegas are here to help you form relationships and gain new knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime.

Book a place in our training classes for three of the most in-demand services in the beauty and spa industry today!




*Both the oncology esthetics and eyelash extension courses are fully accredited by the Board of Nevada Cosmetology as a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

1. Oncology Esthetics - Master the Basics of Facials & Skincare For Cancer Patient

The beauty industry is becoming more inclusive than ever.

And this course from Belia will help you master skincare and facials so you can better serve your clients, many of whom are all these brave people out there fighting cancer and its unique health challenges. Here are some of the things you can expect from this course;

  • Gain undiluted knowledge of skincare and ingredients as well as protocols suitable during and after cancer treatment.

  • Learn how to properly identify skin diseases and side effects caused by cancer along with knowledge of their medical treatments and contraindications.

  • Gain valuable skincare advice to provide better skincare services for oncology patients.

  • Become a certified skincare specialist dealing with cancer patients

Email Us to Enroll Now!

2. Eyelash Extensions For Beginners - No-Frills Lashing Guide To Help Kickstart Your Beauty Salon Business

Are you a beauty or health professional with little to no experience in the eyelash extension niche? Are you already packing your bags for the upcoming June/July beauty convention in Las Vegas, Nevada? Belia Las Vegas has this for you;

For just $599, you can complete and get certification in our Eyelash Extensions for Beginners course. This 2-day training will be your ultimate platform for success!

Check out our next upcoming classes

Here’s what to expect from this course;

  • Discover the best techniques for safe and efficient eyelash extensions application.

  • Gain deep knowledge of eyelash extension products, eye shapes, and eye anatomy.

  • How to apply and style eyelash extensions to accentuate your clients’ beauty.

  • Get hold of our vendors’ list for safe products we’ve used over the past five years guaranteed for safety and high efficiency, and

  • Learn how to navigate marketing and advertising to attract clients.

Email Us to Enroll Now!

3. Microblading Training - Achieve Microblade Certification & Expertise In As Little As 2 Days!

One-on-one microblading class is Available…

Microblading is a highly technical skill. So you need to learn from the best to be good at this.

This microblading course is specifically designed to help you master 3D Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery. Our course covers everything from initial consultation to spotting potential candidates for the procedure, navigating the intake paperwork, and every other important thing to note while taking on a client.

Other aspects of the course include;

  • Microblading Professional Kit

  • Introductory lessons on skin anatomy with regards to microblading.

  • The basis and importance of the Fitzpatrick scale.

  • Lessons on color theory with regards to microblading.

  • Pigment selection and procedural steps.

  • Key product needs and client after lessons.

  • Practical hands-on learning and demos. And

  • Details on State Board Health Card requirements.

All of these in-person training classes will also be available online.

So, you can still join us even if the upcoming convention or the idea of visiting our facility at 5165 S Fort Apache, Las Vegas, is completely out of your schedule.

On top of all these, you’ll also gain valuable marketing tips and sales insights to take you from your first class with us to your first client, and beyond!

Learn from the best to be the best!

Belia welcome all attendees for International Beauty Show 2021 in Las Vegas
In the spirit of the upcoming beauty convention in Las Vegas the International Beauty Show (IBS), International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference (IECSC), and Cosmoprof North America events, among others, we'll be offering three of our most in-demand courses for beauty and spa professionals, self-employed aestheticians, aspiring entrepreneurs in this sector, and other participants interested in learning these highly valuable skills. Jun 18-21, 2021

Lia Yulianti is the founder/aesthetician of Belia Las Vegas and has been in the field for over 10 years.

She’s a renowned beauty and spa professional who has inspired hundreds of new-generation beauticians, artists, and entrepreneurs, among others. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and has been featured extensively in the news media.

Why not begin the next phase of your journey with these courses from Belia?

You’ll be well on your way to a new level of growth and success.

The above statement is backed by hundreds of past students’ and clients’ testimonials of how they found success in our courses.

These courses are always filled with exclusive techniques, rarely disclosed industry secrets, hard-hitting knowledge bits, and clear directions on how to;

  • Offer the best services to your clients

  • Become highly paid with these in-demand skills, and

  • Kickstart or grow your beauty and spa business to new heights







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