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Eyelash Training Course in LA

Microblading Training                Certification

What is Microblading?

There is a wide range of terms used to describe this technique, the more general being Microblading. Other common terms are; Feather eyebrow tattooing and Eyebrow embroidery.  Whilst terms may vary, they all broadly refer to the same process where an artist applies colored pigmentation to a client's eyebrows using a fine bladed hand-tool. This creates small hair-like strokes to imitate natural eyebrows. Unlike a standard eyebrow tattoo, the pigments are not implanted into the skin and will naturally fade over time. This method is semi-permanent and can last up to 3 years depending on each individual's skin type. 
Miocroblading is ideal for clients who want to naturally enhance the look of their eyebrows. People suffering from alopecia, those who have over plucked, or have sparse eyebrow hair growth can greatly benefit from microblading.
The results are natural and shape fuller looking brows.

Eyelash training kit

Training &


Each Kit Includes the Following:

  • 2x 12 Curve Flat Disposable Microblade and Handle

  • 2x 14 Curve Flat Disposable Microblade and Handle

  • 2x 18 Curved Flat Disposable Microblade and Handle

  • 2x 18 U Shaped Disposable Microblade and Handle

  • 1 PRACTICE Pigment

  • 1 3D Silicone Brow Practice Skin

  • 1  Inkless Practice Skin

  • 1 Eyebrow pattern Practice skin

  • 1 Skin marker

  • 20 Alcohol prep pads

  • 50 Pigment ring cups

  • 100 MicroBrushes

  • 25  Brow Tape Measuring stickers

  • 1 Caliper with eyebrow pen

  • 1 Mini Razor

  • 1 Water Squeeze bottle

  • 1 Rhinestone Fancy Pen blade holder w 10 assorted sized Blades

  • Aquaphor Sample packs

  • 1 Carrying case


During your 2 day Microblade Certification class with Belia you will learn the process of 3D Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery.  This course covers the entire process starting from the initial consult and knowing which clients are good candidates for this procedure along with the proper intake paperwork and the things to be aware of when taking on a client. Also covered in great depth are all the following topics:

-Skin Anatomy

-The Fitzpatrick scale and why it is so important

-Color Theory as it applies to the Microblading procedure

-Several different Eyebrow mapping methods

-Pigment Selection

-Procedural Steps

-Proper set up and necessary products that you will need to be successful

-Client After care

-State Board Heath Card requirements 

-Helpful marketing and Sales hints

We will have several hands-on demonstrations for you to learn about skin depth and proper placement of the hairline strokes as well as lots of practice time on the items in your custom designed practice kit.  

2 Day Microblading Training Group Class

2 Day Microblading Training Group Class

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