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Dr. Cornell Calinescu, MD
Medical Director 

Cornell Calinescu, MD is our new Medical Director of aesthetics services including medical grade chemical peel, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and cavitation in accordance with State Laws governing non-surgical medical aesthetic services.


In accordance with his Medical Aesthetic Practice at The Belia, Dr. Calinescu is triple board-certified with a strong background in high tech/high touch healthcare. He has served at all levels of patient care from clinical to supervisory to medical directorship. 

Dr. Calinescu’s journey began when his family migrated from Romania to the US. Settling in Queens, NY and later moving to Brooklyn, the young Cornell attended Xavier High School in Manhattan and then went on to undergraduate studies at NYU. He returned to his Bucharest, Romania birthplace to attend
medical school. He passed all required board exams upon returning to the US where he began his medical career as a research fellow at Columbia Presbyterian College of Physicians and Surgeons in the Department of Neurosurgery. After a preliminary year, he transferred across the East River to the
Brooklyn Hospital and Medical Center where he continued training in Family Medicine. He continued his achievements in medicine after moving to Memphis, Tenn. to train in Emergency Medicine at the University of Tennessee. 

Dr. Cornell Calinescu, (Medical director)  Anti-Aging Medicine/ Emergency Medicine/ Family Medicine/ Geriatric Medicine
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Leanne Lee (Aesthetician/ Medical Assistant) Certified Phlebotomist - Belia Med Spa

Leanne Lee

Advanced Aesthetician/ Microblading Artist

And introducing Leanne Lee, a licensed Aesthetician born and raised in Las Vegas. Having worked in the beauty spa industry for five years,

Leanne has performed as both a licensed medical aesthetician and a nursing assistant. She has hands-on experience in a vast array of aesthetic services with a keen interest in and passion for non-surgical medical aesthetic services including medical grade chemical peeling, lasers, dermaplaning, cavitation and microneedling with PRP.

Leanne is continually focused on expanding her
expertise and is currently continuing her education in the area of sports nutrition and weight loss management for the benefit of inside-out beautiful skin.

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Shannon Stewart
Micropigmentation Artist and Instructor

Shannon is a true artist, perfectionist and detail oriented. 
She has been in aesthetics industry working at medical spas since 2009. Her thirst for knowledge on new trend in beauty industry lead her to Microblading in 2011, her determination to be the best of what she does brought her to where she is now. Teaching and certified the new upcoming microblading artist and still servicing clients at Belia Skin and Beauty Spa. 

"Keep in mind to always listen, understand and do the client’s wish to have as part of excellent customer service. With a thorough consultation and educate each client of pre and post treatment care to have great results. They will be your work advertisement at the end of the day. As they will be more than happy to refer you to anyone", she said. 

Shannon, Permanent MakeUp Artist/ Instructor
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Eko Yuliani 
Microblading Artist and Instructor 

Eko Yuliani, Permanent MakeUp Artist/ Instructor

Eko has been in the beauty industry since 2004 as a makeup artist with prestigious brands. Eko's beauty expertise showing her work by being very meticulous, taking pride on her craft, listen to what each and every client particular need and makes it permanent. Her special skills as a permanent make up artist is to get the maximum beauty out of each and every client to make them feel incredibly beautiful about them selves. 

"I grew up in Indonesia. I was lucky enough born in the land such rich with culture, arts and beauty. As early as elementary school I involved in drawing and painting. My interest on art continue as adulthood by taking photography lessons, Make up applications and Permanent Make-Up. What i see might be different than what you see. I see beauty in different angle. Every one was born with natural beauty, I just enhance your beauty." She stated. 

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