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Eyelash Extensions

               FULL SET CLASSIC                                                               $199                                               

Cat Eye Look    
Start by placing shorter extensions on the inner part of the eye and work your way down with longer extensions. This will create the sultry almond shape. Ideal for most eye shapes with hooded or close set eyes. 

Doll Eye Look 

Start by placing the longest extensions in the middle of the eye with shorter extensions on the outer area. This will create a larger more wide eye look. Great for clients with hooded or deep set eyes.

Natural Eye Look 

Place shorter extensions on baby hairs and longer extensions on adult lashes. This will create a natural look and can be used on all clients regardless of eye shape.

Custom Eye Look 

Start by mixing and matching the width and length of the extensions. Placement is determined by the client's lashes, this will create a look that has more volume and curl.

Classic Touch Up                                         $60

Volume Touch up                                         $75

           FULL SET                                                       $100                                           


           TOUCH UP                                                     $50

                                                       EYELASH REMOVAL  $20                                                                       

A certified professional eyelash artist should ONLY do removal of eyelash extensions. This will ensure both eyes and the underlying natural eyelashes are protected

                                                                 TOUCH UPS                                                                                      

                                                    BOTTOM LASH EXTENSIONS                                                                   

               FULL SET MEGA VOLUME                                                   $299                                               

        BEFORE YOUR LASH APPOINTMENT:                                                              

  • Cleanse the eye are with gentle oil free cleanser 

  • Do not use any moisturizer on the eye area

  • Your lashes should be 100 % free of all products 

  • Omitting these steps will cause your lash extensions to fall of permaturely

  AFTER LASH CARE:                                                                                                   

  • Avoid getting your extensions wet for 24 hours

  • Avoid getting oils or moisturizer on the extensions 

  • Do not curl the extensions 

  • Do not use waterproof mascara or eyeliner

  • Avoid rubbing, picking, pulling or scrubbing your extensions. This can cause them to fall off prematurely and/or cause serious damage to your natural lashes and follicles 

  • Always have them removed by a Professional Lash Artist. DO NOT try to remove them yourself; you will rip out your natural lashes

  • Natural Lashes shed every two months, then the new hair pops through the follicle, this is a natural process

  • Monthly touch ups will be necessary to keep a full set DO NOT sleep with your face squished in a pillow or gunk in the extensions up with makeup. This will severely shorten the life of  your extensions

  • You must cleanse your eyes every day (may use OCuSOFT from the drug store)


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