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Private Vs. Group Microblading Course

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Before beginning your path towards becoming a professional microblading artists, you must thoroughly understand everything there is to know about eyebrow microblading. Microblading is currently the most advanced technique for eyebrow enhancement. In this procedure, the artist uses colored-pigmentation on the clients eyebrows to create the desired shape. There are many benefits of this process, for instance the eyebrows are hand-drawn with a super fine hand-held tool, creating small hair-like strokes, allowing it to imitate the look of natural brows in a way that permanent tattoos, with its block like structure, could never do. Also, the ink that is used differs from the typical tattoo ink as it is far less concentrated and is specifically formulated for microblading use. This technique is a semi-permanent method as opposed to tattooing your eyebrows. The ink and tools used in Microblading does not cut as deep nor implant into the skin as a traditional tattoo does. It lasts anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, as it is dependent on each individual's skin and how well the skin holds the pigment as well as skincare products you use. For example, some anti-aging products containing retinol or other exfoliating ingredients may accelerate cell turn over, therefore causing the microblading ink to fade faster.

What Exactly Happens at an Appointment?

At the start of your appointment, your microblading technician will sanitize and numb the area they will be working on. The numbing ointment will minimize the pain, all that will be felt is a small prickling sensation. To create the most natural looking brows, the artist will follow the natural brow hairs of the client. Also known as mapping. Next, the pigmentation will be chosen based off the natural color of a client’s brow hairs and skin tone. Once all the prep work has been completed, the next 30 to 40 minutes will be spent drawing strokes using the specified microblading pen.

To finalize the eyebrows, aftercare ointment will be applied to the treatment area to assist in healing. The process requires little to no care on a daily basis. However, follow up appointments are advised within the next 4 to 6 weeks to tweak the final results if necessary. This entire process may seem like a lot to take in, it might seem intimidating, but with interest, determination, a proper instructor and the right class, you’ll receive the best education possibly available to you.

Making Your Choice of Class

The course is generally offered as either private or group courses. In the group class, there will be other students present learning the same process as you. You’ll have the chance to learn from each other as well as the instructor. Should you struggle, it will be comforting to know you are not alone, allowing for a calm and collected mind. You will be less intimidated and/or terrified as you aren’t alone with an experienced and professional instructor. If you learn best in groups or don’t require much supervision, this is definitely a choice that is perfect for you. In a private class, you’ll receive exclusive one-on-one attention and constant supervision. Your instructor will be able to contribute all her attention to you and any struggles you might have during the course. You’ll have more space and opportunities to ask any and all questions you might have. This class is advised for you if you have an introverted personality, or prefer to learn at your own pace. Naturally, every microblading artist has their own style that is different from any others. As a student, you too, will have your own unique style. To find that style and be comfortable in it, you’ll need to take the class that is the best fit for you, a class that provides a suitable environment for you to learn in.

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