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Oncology Skin Care Training

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Oncology Skin Care is a safe treatment for those who are affected by cancer and it’s after-effects. It is an advanced field of study specifically involving the modifications of a client’s skin. This study requires a strong understanding of the side effects of any and all cancer treatments. You must be able to modify the skin care treatment and the products, based on the ingredients, to be suitable to each individual client and their skin.

Beneficial for….

Anyone with a history of cancer

Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer

Unit Goal: To develop a strong understanding of the effects of cancer and be able to

perform an Oncology Treatment Facial with in-depth knowledge of the process

and the decision making required.

Oncology Skincare Training (2 days)

A Training Course for Oncology Skin Care will help you master and learn everything there is to know. Within the class, you will be required to achieve an advanced level of knowledge of cancer, cancer treatment and it’s side effects.

You will learn how….

cancer starts and spreads

to keep in mind inconsistencies and cautions when treating a client with cancer

to recognize primary clinical considerations in providing skin care treatments for people in or with a history of cancer

to make educated choices regarding ingredients and product selection

to perform difficult techniques and pressure requirements

to identify and work with acupressure points useful in addressing common cancer treatment related side effects

to evaluate site and pressure modifications that pertain to medical devices, surgical procedures and drug treatment related side effects

to provide a therapeutic oncology facial for someone in or with a history of cancer treatment

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