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Microblading Apprenticeship 6 Mo.

The first step to becoming a qualified and successful Microblading artist is to take a Microblading Training course with an experienced instructor and receive your certification. Your next step is to receive hands on experience as an apprentice. It is by the regulations of the Southern Nevada Health Department that every single Body art and Microblading artist complete a 6 month apprenticeship prior to receiving their body art card. A Microblading Apprenticeship allows students, with a previously earned Microblading Certificate, to receive direct guidance from an expert Microblading Artist. Belia Skin and Beauty Spa offers a 6 month apprenticeship in which students will have access to real and live models to perform and practice microblading on. During an appointment, the student will have full reign to perform on a client, while still receiving guidance and instruction whenever necessary. The goal of an apprenticeship is to provide you with real-life experience before you step foot out into the industry on your own. During this 6 month time period, you can ensure that you perform at your best. Any help or guidance that you require will be provided by an experienced Microblading Artist.

BeliaLasVegas offers 6 months Apprenticeship

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