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Invest In Your Future - Knowledge is Power

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Advanced Training for Aesthetician and Cosmetologist - Eyelash Extensions for Beginners and Rising Oncology Esthetic Professionals

Since 1902, the ever-famous UK based hairdresser Karl Nessler patented the concept of weaving artificial eyelashes and eyebrows. It has led to a revolutionizing boom in beauty. Today, eyelash extensions are exceptionally popular in Oncology Esthetics, utilized by Cosmetologists and Estheticians across the globe.

However, the pros significantly outweigh the cons in this practice. If not done correctly, it can lead to swelling, eyelid infections, skin irritation, and even permanent loss of eyelashes. This is why we are offering advanced training for both Beginners. Advance training allows you to teach you how to perform the service, understand pre, post and contraindications to reduce risks and provide clients with the best results possible every time.

Belia Eyelash Extension Two-Day Training Course Opportunities

Conducted entirely online, take advantage of the Belia eyelash extension training course run by professionals who want to see you succeed. Our courses are accredited by the Board of Nevada Cosmetology as a Continuing education Unit (CEU), and there are continuous discount prices available to make this a positive experience for you as a whole.

What can you expect?

Proper techniques to safely and efficiently apply lashes at the beginner level.

An in-depth look at various products and eye anatomy.

Best practices to apply lashes to accentuate your client’s natural beauty.

A list of vendors that supply safe, quality-driven products that we have been utilizing for the last five years.

100% support to answer your questions and help guide you to perfect your dexterity.

When you complete the training, you will be able to add this as an added feature on your list of services and will be awarded an online training certification that can help solidify your experience credibility when presented to clients.

Conclusion - Knowledge is Power

Cosmetologists and Estheticians, it’s time you leverage your knowledge through the power of education. Our eyelash extension training is the most inclusive and thorough that you can find on the market, and we promise that you will leave more confident in conducting your practice than when you came in. In the end, it is a cost-effective solution for you to gain the maximum value that will allow you to take your skills to new advancements, guaranteed to exceed client expectations.

If you are ready to earn your online training certification, please don’t hesitate to contact us to enroll and begin your journey to become the best Oncology Esthetics professional that you can be.

Accredited Hours by Board of Nevada Cosmetology
2 Day Online Training

Come as a beginner to learn how to put Eyelash Extensions on clients.
2 Day Training Certification Course for Eyelash Extension

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