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Facial & Skincare for Skin Cancer Patients

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Those dealing with skin cancer already have a litany of issues to be concerned with. From the medicines they must take, to the radiation or surgery they must undergo, as well as the pain and disfigurement that can accompany the disease, the last thing on their mind may be skin care treatment. But, quality skin care treatment for cancer patients can often be the one thing that truly helps them during this difficult time.

Quality skin care treatments for cancer patients are often neglected, but they can provide a variety of positives for those that decide to book treatments. Cancer patients, due to their medications and treatments that comes with its side effects, often experience dry, itchy, inflammation, breakouts, minor rashes and painful skin conditions. With the right treatments, however, some of these conditions can be partially or even completely eliminated.

If you or someone you love has skin cancer and may be interested in seeking quality skin care treatments, here are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure the best outcome from the experience:

1. Make sure the skin care procedure is one that will benefit, not harm, the sensitive areas

Not all skincare treatments are equal, and those dealing with skin cancer should stay away from the sun, those that can be abrasive in nature, such as chemical peels or exfoliation in most cases. Instead, they will look for treatments that are gentle, and designed to increase blood flow to sensitive areas and encourage healing in a natural way. The use of SPF very crucial to protect the skin from sun’s UVA and UVB.

2. Confirm the products used are designed to be extremely gentle to sensitive skin

The variety of skin care products that exist is huge. So, when dealing with a patient with skin cancer issues, the esthetician should recommend products specifically designed to be used for clients with this issue. Organic and all-natural products that are designed to soothe, promote healing, and provide relief are what is recommended. An Oncology certified esthetician have knowledge of product ingredients which prevent or fight cancer. Having experience and history of working with cancer clients helps tremendously, she will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns throughout your journey in fighting cancer. If you cannot confirm the products are safe to use on skin care patients, then, do not proceed with the treatment. Using the wrong products can exacerbate sensitive skin issues and increase pain and sensitivity.

3. Make sure the esthetician is accredited and has training and experience dealing with oncology patients

Those with skin cancer issues should absolutely seek out a skin care professional that has experience in dealing with these issues. Not just in theory, but in practice, as they will educate you with skin care regimen to prevent skin cancer. While this area is a growing concern, there are very few of esthetician who have real experience and training in this area is small. Make sure to ask if they have past and current patients they have treated that have had skin cancer issues, that their products are organic and safe (and even recommended) to be used on such patients, and whether or not they have specific training and certifications in the area of treating skin cancer patients. Those who have received an advanced training and certified of Oncology Skin Therapy are excellent choices for such patients.

While dealing with all the issues involved with having skin cancer, quality, restorative treatments with an experience skin care professional just may help alleviate some and provide some much-needed comfort during such a troubling time. By keeping in mind the tips above, you can seek treatments, products and a provider who has the experience and certifications required to do the job right.

Best Facial and Skincare for Cancer Patients at Belia Skin Care
Facial and Skincare for Cancer Patients

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