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Facial & Skin Care for Cancer Patient

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Also known as Oncology Esthetics, 2 days live #online #training certification course. Knowledge is power, take it!

We want to help you learn these #course and perfect them to a flawless and professional standard. This advanced training course will help to understand cancer and it's medical side effects cancer client may experience. This course help you perfecting your skills as regards facial and #skincare for cancer patients. The course meets the requirements of the Nevada State Board as per accredited hours. Again, this is not a pre-recorded tutorial as there will be live interaction all through. At the end of the course, participants will get certified and can add one or all three of these to their service offerings.

This course helps clients be certified in Oncology, which is also known as skincare for Cancer Patients. Learn how to perform these skills so you can do it yourself!
Enroll in our 2 day online training course!

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