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Accredited Training Course by Board of Nevada Cosmetology

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Training Course - Facial Treatment and Skincare for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are prone to different types of skin conditions. The good news is that there are special facial treatments and skincare procedures to help the cancer patient feel better.

I have created a special course to teach professionals and instructors in the field of cosmetology all about the facial treatments and skincare for people with cancer-related skin conditions.

This course on Facial Treatment and Skincare for Cancer Patients is categorized as a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) advanced training program in the field of cosmetology. You will learn how to perform restorative treatments that nourish the skin. The methods taught in this course can alleviate the anxiety and discomfort associated with cancer-related skin conditions.

It is an enlightening and educative two-day course. I have carefully planned the outline of this CEU training course to comprehensively cover all you need to know about facials and skincare treatment for people with cancer-related skin conditions.

This course has been created and organized under the authority of Belia Skin and Beauty Spa, which has been accredited by the Nevada Cosmetology State Board.

Who can take this course?

Belia have designed this course to be particularly strategic for all professionals and instructors in the cosmetology industry, such as Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and other licensed professionals in the cosmetology field.

What are the benefits of learning about facial and skincare for cancer patients?

Every professional in the cosmetology field can leverage the knowledge they will get at the end of this course in the following ways;

Diversify your services

This course will teach you and equip you with knowledge of skin diseases, including skin cancer, its contraindication to how to service Cancer patient. At Belia, we passionately believe in providing outstanding advanced training and exceptional education for our students. It contributes to the fast growth in the industry of esthetics to provide the best work possible.

Professionals and instructors who own or manage spa including medical spa can add facials and skincare for cancer patients as a new service that they offer.

Diversifying your services will have a significant impact on your income. It will also help you meet the different needs of your clients.

Improve your resume

There is a high demand for facial and skin care services more than ever. The training you will get through this course will go into your resume as another professional advantage when applying for jobs.

A diversified resume that features essential professional skills is significant leverage for instructors and other cosmetology professionals.

Improve your knowledge of skincare for cancer patients

This course covers essential topics such as

- How to identify skin diseases, skin care techniques,

- The best ingredients to use in different situations and

- Protocols that must be observed when rendering skin care services to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer,

- Side effects of cancer on the skin and recommended skincare treatment.

I look forward to meeting everyone who will be a part of this training and certification program. It will be such a pleasure to share my knowledge which I have gathered over the years.

I have been actively helping cancer patients in the community to manage and cope with skin conditions. It has been a fulfilling journey so far. Let me help you attain the level of success and satisfaction that I have had as a therapist.

Call us today to enroll in this two-day course.

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