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2 Days Microblading Training Certification Course

Do you work in the world of beauty and aesthetic centers and want to advance in this field? Do you want to start your working life within the realm of well-being and aesthetics? Are you looking for the microblading training certification course around you?

Does the microblading technique arouse your interest? If you want to learn how to learn the methods and ways to apply theory to practice, your time has come!

Currently, you can learn how to develop the microblading technique with all the knowledge that makes you a professional aesthetics and elite beauty. If you want to become a specialist in these techniques, we help you to pursue your dream!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a new technique that generates more and more interest. It’s semi permanent micropigmentation, create hair strokes, shaping them or filling in empty spaces. It is a manual process takes about one to three hours, and the results can last between six months to a year.

A topical anesthetic cream is used to do it since it is a process in which a special row of fine needles are used to apply the pigment into the skin. The main advantage that microblading has concerning tattoos is that the result is much more natural, look just like a hair strokes and it is semi permanent.

Currently, the professions related to comprehensive esthetics and beauty are in high demand, and the microblading technique is the newest and most requested by customers as well as the latest beauty trend. You don’t have to be an aesthetician nor cosmetologist to become Microblading Artist. Come join our class and get Microblading Certified today.

How to learn microblading?

Thanks to the Microblading Certification courses to learn the techniques of this type are available, and you can combine your work and improve it with the learning of these new techniques.

What is the agenda of the microblading Training Certification courses?

The academic units of the microblading formations are divided into a more theoretical and general part, to continue with a more specific agenda that is limited to areas of the face where the techniques can be applied.

all the subjects have a necessary sociosanitary component that gives an account of the quality of the teaching that is provided from the training center.

Understanding of each individual brow shape and creates the shape that will accentuate the eyes is important thing you will learn in our class. Eye is the window to the soul and Eyebrows frame our face.

2 Days microblading courses:

Once we know what microblading is and its formation, we are delighted to let you know about our 2 Days Microblading Training Certification course where you can learn microblading and its new technique quickly and easily. Challenge your knowledge to our 2 Days Microblading Training Course.

During our hands on Microblading course you will get the knowledge of skin, hair, pigments, how and why there are different or specific techniques will be introduced and you will get to do and practice. The course is intense, hands on, full of information all you need to know to educate you and get you ready to go. However, you will have to do practices to perfecting your crafts and get your own flow. This will come in time with your ability to grasp well during the class and find your skill by practice. Skill is not something you’re inborn with, it is something you learn and master it!

During this two days hands-on microblading training course, you will learn shading technique for achieving natural looking eyebrows with a powder effect, and how to customize a pattern based off of your client’s own natural hair growth pattern, giving them the most natural looking results possible.

What Will You learn:

· Skin Anatomy

· Disinfection and sterilization

· The Fitzpatrick scale and why it is so important

· Color Theory as it applies to the Microblading procedure

· Several different Eyebrow mapping methods

· Pigment Selection

· Procedural Steps

· Proper setup and necessary products that you will need to be successful

· Pre and post treatment care

· State Board Health Card requirements

· Helpful marketing and Sales hints

Contact us to learn more about the Microblading Training Certification Course and Call to Enroll 702.981.8773.

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