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Beila’s Facial For Cancer Patient

How to care for skin for those undergoing Cancer Treatments 

A keen appreciation for the intimate and exotic beauty secrets was the primary inspiration behind the formation of Belia. At Belia, we recognize how vital it is for our clients to look as youthful on the outside as they feel inside. Not only do we create products that improve the exterior of your product, but our products also improves your inner sense of worth. While we work towards making you look beautiful, our ultimate purpose is to improve your self-esteem. We realize that without a strong inner beauty, it is impossible to feel good no matter how physically flawless you look. Thus, with this core focus in mind, our aesthetic services were developed, you achieve physical beauty and inner peace. Whether you choose one of our eyelash extension artistry services or a relaxing and refreshing facial package, Belia will work with you, hand in hand, to bring out your radiant, natural, and dazzling beauty.


Our company’s mantra requires that we treat all our clients the same. At Beila, we know that we have cancer patients to cater for. For this, we specialize in Oncology Skin Care which caters mainly for cancer patients. This Oncology Skin Care comprises facials. With over 5 years of consistent and dedicated display of commitment towards making our customers beautiful in and out, we have been able to design a facial product specifically for cancer patients. 


The aim of Belia Organic's facial products is to help cancer patients relax, rejuvenate and refresh from the stress associated with cancer and its medical treatments. Often, many cancer treatments cause certain side effects such as appetite loss, diarrhea, Edema, Anemia, Fatigue. However, with our Oncology Skin Care Facials, these side effects reduce drastically, thereby allowing cancer patients to relax while undergoing oncology therapy. The objective is to provide restorative skincare treatment for people living with cancer. 


Beila’s Facial for Cancer Patients is an organic and all-natural skincare product that comes with several benefits:


● Helps in battling skincare with its potent ingredients which help in fighting cancer side-effects

Our Facial for Cancer patients is designed with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid (which can hold the essential fluids which the skin naturally produce); water-soluble and lipid-soluble like Antioxidants (which protects the cell membranes from lipid peroxidation); Vitamin B (which helps in maintaining the health of the skin and hair); Aloe vera (which heals, soothes, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent); Cocoa Butter (which helps in moisturizing the skin). The combination of these ingredients helps to fight effectively fight the side effects of cancer and its treatment. A cancer patient might experience side effects from his/her cancer therapy. These side effects include extremely dry or sensitive skin. Sometimes, the skin may lose proper nutrients. But if such a person uses Beiila’s Oncology facial products in conjunction with our spa services, the severe nature of cancer would drastically reduce. 


● Is safe for every cancer patient to use:

Beila’s Facial for Cancer Patients is suitable for all cancer patients to use. Above all, this oncology product is specially customized to suit each client’s special needs and requirements. No matter how similar two people’s ailment is, a generic treatment is often not the best way to mitigate their sicknesses. At Beila, we know this. As such, each of our Facial products for a cancer patient tailors to each person’s needs. The Facial Product for Cancer Patients exudes uniqueness, which no other oncology skincare product in the market would offer. Most clients who need this product are people who are experiencing certain impairments in their daily lives. We aim at helping people escape their painful reality and improving their circumstances. Consequently, we make products that align with the standards outlined in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) as provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


● Has a light and soft touch on the skin

As earlier noted, Beila’s Facial for Cancer Patients is made with several potent ingredients that help in fighting cancer symptoms. Besides mitigating the side effects of cancer, these ingredients can be used for sensitive skin as they have a calming effect. Also, they are anti-inflammatory, thereby leading to a soft and touch on the skin. This light touch is useful in restoring the original nature of cancer patients’ skins (before they contracted cancer). Examples of these ingredients include Vitamin B, Antioxidants, and Chamomile. 


● Renew Hope and Happiness

Usually, cancer patients do not like the preferential treatment, which many people accord them. Although their medical condition sets them apart from the other population, cancer patients desire to look good and feel ‘normal’ like every other person. Often, they experience mental and emotional distress at the start of a cancer diagnosis. The reality of experiencing a life-threatening disease and the consequence on their personal, family, and work-life leads to overwhelming physical, mental, and spiritual damage. Oncologists make matters worse for cancer patients as the spiritual and mental needs of the patients go unchecked. In a bid to fill the emotional and mental void of cancer patients, we came up with the innovative idea of the Facials for Cancer Patients as part of our services. 


Beila’s Facials for cancer patients is primarily designed to renew the lost hope and happiness in cancer patients. Since we customize each of our oncological facials to suit each client’s needs; it’s much easier to recognize the peculiarity of each problem and address them accordingly. 


● Improve Skin Complexion 

Oncology treatments and medications cause specific chemical reactions. Our Facials for cancer patients is a restorative facial that imparts nutrients lost due to skin reactions like extreme sensitivity. Beila’s Oncological facials detoxify the skin with natural, chemical-free, and safe ingredients. Our facials specifically tailor towards addressing moisture balance, barrier protection, and cellular health. Besides facial protection, our oncological facials for cancer patients provides a calming and soothing treatment for your feet or hands. 


With a careful and guided usage of our Facial for Cancer Patients product, you can as well say goodbye to:

● A dehydrated skin which causes bleeding and facial lines/wrinkles; 

● Discoloration, breakouts, and clogged pore;

● And more importantly, wrong products which often dry your skin a lot more.


Asides cancer patients, as a non-cancer patient, you may as well consider our facials for cancer patients as a gift to your loved ones. You may have loved ones and family with cancer whom you can purchase this product for. Mostly, cancer patients focus on their treatment process to the point where they ignore the possibility of skincare. In times like this, all you can do is to support them in every capacity you can. One of such capacities is to provide them with Beila’s Facials specially made for them. Through this little kind gesture, you let them realize that they can always count on their loved ones in times of trials and challenges. You never can tell, you might be the one to put a permanent smile on their face by finding our skincare facial, which is best for them regarding self-care and self-love. 


Beila’s Facials for Cancer Patients is not by any means a substitute for medical treatments. Also, we do not diagnose diseases. Discuss all medical conditions and side effects with your doctor. 

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