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 Comforting to those under going cancer treatments, we,  at Belia® offer soothing and healing facials treatments to patients suffering or recovering from cancer. The emotional and psychological stress they suffer can drain their energy. During and after cancer treatments, the illness, medical treatments, and medications may have depleted the skin which may cause dryness, irritation and inflammation. Having an Oncology Facial nourishes and hydrates the skin. This unique service also promotes relaxation to decrease stress and anxiety. As the only Certified Oncology Spa in the State of Nevada for the past 4 years we have been recognized in our local media. See our videos below.

Using organic ingredients that are effective and safe for cancer patients helps to rejuvenate their skin. “There’s nothing more comforting than someone’s touch when battling cancer, it is healing and uplifting to one’s spirit”. It is our goal at Belia to bring your beauty from the inside out.